Reduce the effort needed to implement changes by defining and updating complicated workflows without programming skills.

Maximize your investment by enhancing standard Archibus functionalities with customized new processes, SLA’s or push notifications.

Lower your costs by analyzing process execution, duration, bottlenecks and decide actions to optimize the workflows.

Meet GWE 3.0, an Archibus add-on solution that provides you with the tools to develop your business processes in minutes, not days!

Delivering Proven Results For Top Global Companies

Build and automate your business processes without programming

Graphical Workflow Engine is a business process automation solution that uses drag & drop features to design and optimize different kind of processes in the organization. The main benefits is the GWE’s ability to generate complete solutions that saves time and reduces errors for complex business processes with a minimal human intervention.
The only human intervention is in the process of rules setup/definition. Using GWE you can monitor your business processes in a transparent way. Based on the heat map you can easily take action in order to streamline the processes, to eliminate de bottlenecks and optimise the workflows.

Business areas where GWE can be implemented


Business processes that can be automated

Manual & Repetitive tasks
Document's Management
Customer complaints
Invoicing Process
Contact Management

Workflow Management Solution

Using GWE you can identify the process of the workflow that need optimization, you will know exactly how long it takes to complete a process, the related indirect costs and the people involved.
  • Drag & Drop process definition
  • Automatic user interface generation
  • Workflow execution analyses
  • Easy integration with ARCHIBUS
  • Web services data exchange
  • SLA compliance and monitoring

Flow process

Learn more about workflow business automation
  • 1

    Design workflow using drag & drop features

  • 2

    Define graphical user interfaces

  • 3

    Assign responsible

  • 4

    Monitor and Optimize your process

Explore the benefits

Get the ROI you deserve by using a single solution that draw your business process,
enforce and manage the process and all of the business rules for you.

Cost efficiency and efficient allocation of resources

Optimization of time and work processes

Elimination of human errors and manual labor

Automate and track your business process workflow


Avoid blockages that may occur through loss or lack of information

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